If you find a bug in KeyChainDD, have a suggestion for additional features, or just want to ask a question, there are a number of ways you can contact me. In order of preference:
  1. 1.You can contact me via KeyChainDD’s project page at SourceForge. Just click the “Details” tab, then the “sandymcg” that appears as the project admin. This will probably require you to log into SourceForge, however.
  2. 2.You can leave a message on the KeyChainDD forum (Click “Forums” from the KeyChainDD project page.
  3. 3.You can e-mail me at <sandymcg at users.sourceforge.net>.
  4. 4.You can contact me via my blog, or the ChromaSoft site, both listed to left.
Given that SourceForge’s e-mail forwarding system isn’t always the most reliable in the world, and has a very aggressive anti-spam system, if you don’t get a response in a few days, try one of the other options.
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