KeyChainDD manages all of your on-line passwords securely, allowing you to easily use strong, highly secure passwords, but still keep all the ease of use - like drag and drop - that the Mac OS X platform is known for. In addition, KeyChainDD supports double levels passwords - system where you are required to enter a first password, then selected characters from a second password. KeyChainDD is built to be THE most secure password manager available for Mac OS X.
If you want to get started quickly, the diagram on this page summarizes everything you need to know to use KeyChainDD’s basic features.
KeyChainDD has two basic functions:
  1. 1.Managing your passwords and memorable information. KeyChainDD uses Mac OS X's built-in KeyChain manager to store your passwords. This makes KeyChainDD super-secure, and means that you can use passwords that you have already stored. But KeyChainDD also provides an ability the OS X KeyChain manager doesn't - it stores "memorable information", and displays it later in a convenient form.
  2. 2.Transfer your User Ids and Passwords securely to other applications, such as browsers. You can either drag-and-drop, use the pasteboard, or use KeyChainDD as an OS X service. 
System Requirements
  1. Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later
  2. Intel or PowerPC
KeyChainDD is free software, released under the GPL. However, if you find KeyChainDD useful, you should donate to the project. You can donate by selecting the donate link on KeyChainDD’s project page at, or by clicking the “Support This Project” box at the bottom of this page.
The KeyChainDD Password Manager