Many modern website require three pieces of information to log on - a User Id, a password, as well as a third piece of "memorable information". This third piece of information is almost always a few randomly selected characters from a longer item, and is entered either using a drop-down menu or an on-screen keyboard. This use of either a drop-down menu or an on-screen keyboard gives a very high level of immunity from keylogger malware. KeyChainDD supports these kinds of systems by making provision for the storage of a third piece of information in addition to a User Id and password, and by displaying the additional information in way that makes it easy to identify a requested character without writing the information down in order to count characters.
Note that KeychainDD uses the term "memorable information" to refer to data from which you have to select a set of characters and input via a menu or on-screen keyboard - in other words, something that can't be pasted. Individual web sites may refer to this in many other ways.
KeyChainDD stores your memorable information as part of the OS X keychain item, so it is just as secure as the rest of your data.
Storing the memorable information
Memorable information is stored in exactly the same way as your User ID and password information. See the section on Storing passwords.
Note that you can only enter memorable information via KeyChainDD, not via Keychain Access.
Displaying memorable information
Memorable information is displayed in a drop-down drawer below the main KeyChainDD window. To display the drawer, click the "Show Information" triangle in the right hand part of KeyChainDD's status area. To hide the drawer again, click the triangle again.
Initially, each character will be hidden. You unhide each individual character by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can configure KeyChainDD to immediately show all the characters in plain text. To do so, see the section on setting preferences.
Note that you can configure KeyChainDD to automatically open the drawer (if memorable information is available in the selected keychain item) via the Preferences dialog. Note also that the drawer can be configured to automatically close after a predetermined time.
Memorable Information