You can use the OS X pasteboard to transfer User Id and Password information to other programs. Note however that this is a relatively insecure way of transferring data as the contents of the pasteboard is freely available to any other application. KeyChainDD does what it can to make the transfer more secure by wiping the pasteboard after a predetermined period, but either drag-and-drop or service menu based operations are inherently more secure. By default, pasteboard operations are disabled by KeyChainDD; in order to use them, you must enable them via the Preferences menu.
The steps to use the pasteboard with KeyChainDD are:
  1. 1.Enable pasteboard operations.
    Pasteboard operations are enabled by setting "Enable copy to Pasteboard on button click" in the "General" tab of the "Preferences" dialog to on.
  2. 2.Display the keychain that contains the item you want use.
    Use KeyChainDD's main window to navigate to the item you want. KeyChainDD displays items in an outline view; you can click on the "expand icon" (the little triangle next to each keychain) to show what's inside the keychain.
  3. 3.Unlock the keychain.
    You may need to unlock the keychain. If the keychain is locked, the text describing items in it will be grayed out, and the padlock icons next to the name of the keychain will show as closed. To unlock the keychain, either double-click on the keychain item that you will be using, or click the key icon in the lower left of the KeyChainDD window. A dialog will display asking for your password to the keychain. Note that this dialog is not a KeyChainDD dialog, but is from the OS X security manager. KeyChainDD never sees the password that you provide. Note: If this is the first time that you are using KeyChainDD, or you have upgraded KeyChainDD, the OS X security manager may also ask for your permission to allow KeyChainDD to access the items in the keychain.
  4. 4.Click to copy to the pasteboard.
    Click on either the "User Id" or "Password" buttons to transfer to the pasteboard. You will then be able to paste in another application by pressing Apple-v. Note that unless the selected item is unlocked, the buttons will be grayed out, and you will not be able to transfer to the pasteboard without entering a keychain password.
After a predetermined time, KeyChainDD will automatically erase any traces of the information that you pasted still held in the OS X pasteboard manager.
Using the PasteBoard