You can configure a wide range of preferences that change the way KeyChainDD works.
To access these preferences, select the "Preferences" menu item in the "KeyChainDD" menu, then select the appropriate tab for your needs.
Main Window
The "Always on Top" setting allows you to configure the main KeyCHainDD window to always float above all other windows
Memorable Information Drawer
The "Automatically Open Drawer" option configures KeyChainDD to show the memorable information drawer as soon as you select an item with memorable information in it.
The "Show As Plain Text Immediately" option shows all memorable information character as plain text immediately that the drawer is opened.
Paste User Id and Password
The "Enable copy to pasteboard on button click" option enables pasteboard operations. The default is for pasteboard operations to be disabled.
The second Preferences tab allows you to configure time outs for the automatic locking of opened keychains and for closing the memorable information drawer. Note that OS X has its own global time-out for keychains - the actual timeout period will be the shorter of the global OS X timeout value and the KeyChainDD time out value. However, note that KeyChainDD's time out only applies to keychains opened by KeyChainDD. If the Keychain was open when KeyChainDD started, KeyChainDD will not time out the keychain in question.
KeyChainDD Preferences