KeyChainDD doesn’t require installation as such. What you need to do is:
  1. 1.Download KeyChainDD.
  2. 2.Normally, the KeyChainDD DMG file will automatically mount. If for some reason it doesn’t, or you got the DMG fro, somewhere else, double click it to mount the disk image. You should see a window similar to what’s shown above.
  3. 3.Then simply drag the KeyChainDD icon on to the Applications folder icon. This copies KeyChainDD to your Applications folder.
Once you have done this, KeyChainDD is ready to go. Using KeyChainDD is described on the Usage page.
If you need to uninstall KeyChainDD do the following:
  1. 1.Drag from the Applications folder (or wherever else you put it originally) to the Trash.
Installing KeyChainDD