KeyChainDD manages all of your on-line passwords securely, allowing you to easily use strong, highly secure passwords, but still keep all the ease of use - like drag and drop - that the Mac OS X platform is known for. In addition, KeyChainDD supports double levels passwords - system where you are required to enter a first password, then selected characters from a second password. KeyChainDD is built to be THE most secure password manager available for Mac OS X. Here are some of the reasons why you should use KeyChainDD:
  1. KeyChainDD uses the Mac OS X keychain management infrastructure. KeyChainDD is built on top of the OS X keychain system, so unlike programs that create their own storage for sensitive data, compromising KeyChainDD won't give access to all you sensitive data. In fact, KeyChainDD never sees your master keychain password; you enter that directly into an OS X dialog when required. In addition, KeyChainDD will work cooperatively with any other security software that uses the Mac OS X infrastructure e.g., security hardware such as card readers.
  2. KeyChainDD is a native Mac application - no oddball behavior inherited from other operating systems.
  3. KeyChainDD is open source. You, or anyone else, can examine all of KeyChainDD's code and verify that it is really is secure, has no hidden trap doors, etc.
  4. KeyChainDD is built to support modern sites with double layer "memorable information" security systems. KeyChainDD easily allows you enter randomly selected characters from a second password, as required by many financial services web sites.
  5. KeyChainDD never "calls home". Unlike programs that contact a central server for license verification, to check for updates, or whatever else KeyChainDD never accesses the net. Ever..
The KeyChainDD Password Manager